Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Of Bus/Train Travels

Whenever you travel by bus or train, and you have normal seats, the worst thing that can happen is the person sitting right in front of you wants to recline his/her seat and is too nice about it, and the person sitting behind you is a bitch/bastard who just won't let you recline. So you could be stuck in the worst position ever, with a 90 degrees back support and no space for your legs - I'm seriously considering to get them chopped off.

But then, the best thing that can happen is you find lots of empty seats, like I did. You can choose two seats or even three to lie down and have a nice nap. Unless of course your legs get in the passage-way and people keep waking you up just to pass by. Damnit.

Needless to say, I had a pretty decent train ride all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Especially if you consider I only paid 21 RM for my ticket, which is around 10 Singaporean Dollars - taxi fare for coming back to NUS from a club after 12. Actually it usually costs more than that since the midnight rates are high and the meter runs really fast.

But then again, we left at 10 pm and arrived around 9 am - so it took a good 11 hours, which is much more than the time it took for us to get to Kuala Lumpur by bus - a maximum of four and a half hours.

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Anonymous said...

hey nabeel.
that's why jason and i told both of you RM37 with bed would definitely be nicer than RM21 seat !!
*especially with your extremely long legs **
consider chopping them off and donate to me !! **i just want to be taller ** sobsob