Saturday, December 9, 2006

First come Singaporeans

Singapore PM Lee made another pronouncement with the general message being, "Citizens will always come first. Foreigners staying here will be screwed over in the longer run." No, that's not exactly what he said, but that's what he means, doesn't he? [ST Dec 4, 2006, Singaporeans 'always come first', By Zakir Hussain]

Singaporeans are skeptical of such a claim - they don't see much difference in the current treatment of Singaporeans and foreigners. Their response could be: "Isn't that how priority should be given - locals, PRs and then foreigners? There's no need to even make such an announcement - it's understood." Well that's true for most of the Western world, and I think Singaporeans should be happy if appropriate changes are made soon.

But us foreigners can't be too happy about such a grand announcement, now can we? They already have foreign students by the hook - 10% higher tuition fees, easy loans and a work bond. Pakistanis who came here this year expecting to receive the NUS Undergraduate Scholarship found out they finished giving it away this year when NUS became semi-privatised. Does this mean the situation will get worse?

Looks like they want us to be stuck here paying high interest rates on high tuition fee loans [it's all about the 'brain gain']. There's a voice inside my head that says, "Get out, get out! Get out as soon as you can! Finish your degree; finish your bond. AND.GET.OUT."


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