Wednesday, December 13, 2006

NLDS 2006 is over...

I talked and listened. I made notes and mindmaps. I loved and was loved. I learnt about different cultures. And I learnt a hell lot more. But it's all over now... I will miss everyone I met and cherish the memories forever. Hopefully I will meet these wonderful people again. All in all, a kickass conference! Thank you everyone who made it possible. I hope to write in detail about what we did in NLDS soon.

I am preparing to leave for the Heroes Conference in Kuala Lumpur tonight. It starts tomorrow and I'll be back by the 18th. I'll have a truckload of pictures to upload by then. Will figure out a way to do that once I'm back. Those aching for pictures - hold your horses!

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Tiang said...

Enjoy your conference in KL!