Monday, December 25, 2006


Just a stupid video we made at NLDS 2006 Singapore... [Wan Xin dared me to do this.]


Won said...

you did it wearing an AIESEC NLDS shirt man! great branding for you :P

Nabeel K said...


w a n x i n said...

Hi nabeel! Cool video man! Especially the voice over! Wahaha.. But why is the video trancuated? Keep in touch!

Nabeel K said...

Of course, you would say the voice is the coolest... heh.

Something's wrong with YouTube because not only is the last 5 seconds truncated, but the audio is lagging behind the picture.

Serves me right for getting a camera which makes videos in Quicktime format. *chuckle*

Tiang said...

You should do this more often. Go other Cheers outlets and repeat this until you turn famous!