Sunday, October 15, 2006

@OGX National Training at SMU

Yesterday @OGX Singapore got together at SMU for National Training and Organizing Committee [OC] allocation. I was late so I missed everyone's introduction =( and on top of it I had to do a 1 minute Bhangra dance, much to the delight of everyone else.

The entire @OGX Singapore team [save for Phoebe, who was taking the picture]

Preparation Seminar OC [Ohhh! Everyone's so serious lah!]

The Student Nominee Recruitment Drive OC - coolest OC of all [hehehe!]

Another serious bunch of people; quite appropriately so - the Student Review Board OC

And these people are just MAD! [The Make-A-Difference OC]


Anonymous said...

I think I looks good in the picture. thanks a lot and hope see you

Pheebs said...

Hehe.. found ur blog from Dave's blog...

Ya, ur Bhangra dance was so cool!!! Agastya was pretty cool as well!! Never knew that dance move is called Bhangra... I found it very interesting!!

Hope to see you soon!!