Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Milo for energy

The name Milo comes from the famous Greek athlete "Milon" of Croton known for his legendary strength. It fits perfectly because Milo is high in energy content too [1760kJ/100g].

I love Milo. On any given day I will have at least half a litre. In fact, most people love Milo in this part of the world. [Malaysia consumes 90% of worldwide consumption of Milo! It is so popular in Malaysia that at any given time, almost all families will have 1 tin of Milo, and it is almost unbelievable to have any restaurants that don't sell Milo drinks.]

The other day I needed to get some tomatoes from Georgie's Mart when I bumped into my friend Omer on the way, also headed in the same direction. There I saw those 1 litre packs of milo and instantly grabbed two of them. And then Omer asked, "Can you see Magnolia's chocolate milk anywhere?"

"Dude, you have Milo right in front of you, why would you be looking for Magnolia! It sucks, I've tried it."

To that, he said, "No, its not bad. Milo is unhealthy, yaar. It's made from powdered milk." He was making a major assumption there: powdered milk is unhealthy.

I tried to explain to him what powdered milk is: It is just dry milk powder made by removing the water from regular pasteurized milk. We continued arguing, but by the time we got to the cashier, the topic changed.

Is Milo really unhealthy compared to other chocolate drinks? Here's a link that aims to show that apart from a slight variance in taste, powdered milk and fluid milk are nutritionally the same:

[Note: Whenever I speak of health or healthiness - it is mostly in terms of gaining weight - not losing it.]

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Shubhangi said...

i think milo is healthy...
it is atleast better than the soft drinx which most of u prefer