Tuesday, October 17, 2006

*Blink*Blink* Day Over!

Today has been one of those university days for me when you realise you have taken up too many activities, and all the dates and deadlines are starting to jar. I was working on part of a group research paper on the Yellow Ribbon Project till 4 am. Without being able to complete it due to my somnolence, I did my Sehri and went to sleep for hardly four hours. After attending four hours of New Media lectures, I rushed to Jurong East for my medical checkup. They did this test where you have to blow really hard into a pipe a few times, and that triggered my asthma [the test is called spirometery]. As I was getting my check-up done, I was missing an important group meeting for my other research paper [on Digital Divide]. I fear they will refer me to the instructor as a "free-rider" case. Let's hope not.

When I arrived in NUS, I rushed to the IT Co-op to get my laptop's beeping sound fixed. Turns out, the microphone was unmuted, and that was all. Now it's 18:10; I need to break my fast [Aftari] at 19:00, then reach Lavender for my Snooker training, which is a good one hour of travelling. And Cluster Leaders have to do roll call for the fire-drill at PGPR today - thankfully my Resident Assistant was kind enough to allow me to skip that.

So I'm swamped. Not to mention I have to submit my parts for both the research papers when I get back to NUS, which would be around 23:00 [One group member has actually given me a deadline for submission to her at 23:59!]. And there goes another day when I hardly remembering blinking...

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imran said...


Dude, I remember the days I used to travel down to Klassik to play snooker/pool on Tuesdays too man. It's a give n take, make sure you allocate time to the things that are really important to you. :)

I REALLY miss playing GOOD pool tho!