Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Ramblings...

Friday was a good day in many ways. I woke up after 8 hours of sleep around 3:30 am. I started off with a shower. I prayed extra because it was a special night for us Muslims. I had a hearty Sehri [Masar and half a loaf of bread] to close my fast. I fasted. I completed the proposal for my IT project - the web site I need to make. I also held a meeting with my group members. I attended a tutorial. I called my friend who wants me to be his guarantor for a laptop loan, but he was asleep and didn't pick up. So I gave him 4-5 short missed calls so that when he woke up he'd think I tried my level best to wake him up. Heh!

Then I put a date in my pocket and left for Little India. I had to break fast in the bus - so I used the date. I smiled at the "No food, No drinks, $500 fine" sign as I had it. A Chinese lady and some Singaporean school-girls stared at me intently as I mumbled something [a prayer to break my fast] and put the date in my mouth. Perhaps they were expecting the bus to blow up as I did that. What else do people expect of bearded Muslims in most first-world, culturally diverse countries? Then I had peas+corn+minced-meat [Mutter Keema] with Chapati [what WE call Roti] for Aftari at AB Mohammad Restaurant when I reached Little India.

One lesson I learned today - know your exits from MRT stations. I got out of the wrong exit and had to walk a good 25 minutes to get to the ABM Restaurant near Mustapha Center.

Then I went to Mustapha Center for my monthly grocery shopping. Got tissue papers, a glass bowl, atta [wheat flour], Alpen breakfast cereal with extra sugar added, Weetabix, Irani dates, Nescafe 3in1 coffee sachets, roti pratas, canola oil, full-fat Farmhouse milk, apple juice, 4 litres of ready-to-drink Milo, tomatoes, lady fingers, and ginger. People would look at my trolley and then look behind me, as if looking for someone. Some would look at my forehead, perhaps looking for a red mark of wedlock. I don't know. I've never liked shopping alone. Those people's looks made me feel like I'm a miserable old bachelor who has gotten too used to being alone. I'm not. I don't mean not a bachelor - that I am and I'm content with that. What I mean is, who would want to be considered miserable? And I'm used to the fact that I look old. The first time someone called me 'uncle' was when I was only 13, and the person who said that was 17 himself. Sad?

Anyway, I expect my supplies to last me at least 3 weeks. When I got back Omer was waiting to play snooker, so we went to the KE VII Hall's Cue Sports room. It was a good game. I was 'in the zone'. But alas! The Cue Sports room had to be closed down at 12.

There was a stall from Sheares Hall at the entrance of PGPR and they were selling a variety of food. I ordered an excuse for a waffle, which arrived 30 minutes later, but I was so hungry I gobbled it all up within minutes. Aren't waffles supposed to be crispy and crunchy? Definitely not soft and dripping.

When I got to my room my MSN messenger stopped working after some time of chatting with HB, so well, here I am, bored as hell. Maybe I'll delete this entry when I wake up tomorrow. Who wants to know what I did all day anyway? I guess why I'm writing about it is solely because I think I achieved a lot of things today; that I did most of the things I set to do at the beginning of the day. I hardly have any days in a week when I actually get to do that! Now I've planned to clean my room this weekend, so let's see how long I can procrastinate on that; and on studying as well!


imran said...

Keema! I love keema... with chapati. Mmm.

Dude, we need to play a game of snooker soon...

Anonymous said...

Hello! :D
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! In reply...
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Good luck!

hb. said...

you were supposed to buy coconut oil for your hair you dumb ass! not more canola oil!!
also, i eat weetabix for breakfast toooooo! now we have something in common. get the one with the chocolate chips in them next time.
what else. yea! you can spend hours writing about your stupid day here but you cant do my assignment. *boos*
...and now ive forgotten what other crap i had to blab..blekh. i should get back to studying. =\
ps: to make your blog more interesting, try writing about the wonder that is me =D

hb. said...

..oye! whats up with this comment approval crap!!
freedom of expression you bitch!