Sunday, October 15, 2006

AIESEC Days Deepavali Get-together

This blog is turning out to be more of a photo-blog than a web-log! It may take a while for the page to load, so please be patient. It may take longer for dial-up users.

Yesterday was the @Days Deepavali gathering, where we not just had good Indian food, but learnt several Indian dances and witnessed a brilliant skit too that introduced us to the Indian culture. MediaCorp Radio was also present there and the reporter interviewed David and another @er.

The skit introduced us to the typical Bollywood love story theme, where a foreigner becomes infatuated with one of the local Indian girls dancing [above] on his visit to India and decides to marry her. To impress her he learns various terms and dances ["totaa aajao!"]. The audience joined in to learn the dances as well. And then there was the construction of the marriage dresses and an explanation of what usually happens next. The skit was wonderfully done and I guess people would have enjoyed it more if the air-conditioners were working properly. But hey, we were in Little India to experience Indian culture, so it did make sense.

We had a Deepavali challenge after dinner and the best dress competition [which David, the organiser, awarded himself because the audience wouldn't let anyone else have it - and among girls I think Melissa won]. Everyone was handed forms with a bunch of questions to ask people around Little India. We were scheduled to see the parade next, but I followed the DHL trainees to a pub. I got to know some very unique people there. [I hope I can remember at least half their names! Sorry if I forget.] We left the pub just in time to witness the parade, which was overwhelmed with Indians - we could hardly see what was going on. So we moved on to our final destination - Brewerkz, at Riverside Point in Clarke Quay, where everyone just chilled, mingled with each other, and those who drink had beer.

All in all, I had a fantastic time yesterday. I've tried to upload most of the pictures I took yesterday, so check them out and cherish the memories! =D


ddee said...

That's the 'instruction' that we get from our Branding Team, dear!!

ps: Insecurity? not in our dictionary for sure hehe *pizz

Amanpreet Singh said...

Hey Nabeel

Aman here... the guy who managed the skit yesterday... (@er frm NTU)

Nice pics man and love the write up... I also like writing but have not written on aiesec for long. SO you in 1st year aye?!

Hope to see you in other AIESEC events in future (erm well, actually depends if i can make it as in 3rd year now and have IA next sem.)

See you arnd bro..

Cheers, Aman

imran said...

Hey guys! Great show, glad we all had a gd time together! Thanks for the pics Nabeel


zhang lei said...

looks great, I mean both pictures and the events there .

Dr.Dave said...

Priceless, i think i'll just link my entry to yours