Thursday, November 2, 2006

Of versatility...

PGPR - What pathetic architecture my residence has! I left the window open just one day for only two hours, went to Clementi and it started to pour heavily! I came back to find smoke coming out of my beloved desktop computer, and a smile on the electrician's face as he saw the smoke because his problem was solved - he figured out why my neighbour complained of no light. My room's floor was soaked with rain water that had poured in. Didn't the architecturers and engineers realise it rains often in Singapore? 'Em stupid idiots!

Waterlessness - How long should I wait for all plugs, sockets and circuits accompanying my computer to dry up before I can try turning it on?

Meticulousness - Having a clean room is not hard. Having everything arranged and organised meticulously is a pain! Which is why all my stuff is lying on my bed in random fashion and I am sleeping on a mat on the floor. [For me, meticulousness and clean-living complement each other; singly incomplete without both conditions being met.]

Caffeine - It's contained in every chocolate product, and all teas, coffees, and coke, pepsi, mountain dew, and even Milky Bar and Sunkist orange! Living without caffeine for four whole days is pure torture! [I am a volunteer for this caffeine study, where they ask us to caffeine-fast four days before one day of the week when they give us a controlled caffeine dose and make us do reaction-time tests and stuff.] Never knew I was so addicted to caffeine. How will I ever mug for exams?

Cold - I didn't know there was a difference between the common cold and flu, aka influenza. Apparently they're both different kinds of viruses. So if I say I have a bad cold, that's not the same as saying I have a terrible flu. I've been wrong all my life. Hell, I deserve a bad cold.

Ketchup - Singaporean fast food chains are stupid to give sachets rather than provide bottles of ketchup. Imagine the amount of ketchup left inside the hundreds and thousands of sachets thrown away everyday...

Reading - Everything outside the curriculum is interesting to read - even if that means reading through the transcript of a documentary on Google.

Versatility - The picture of my entire room on a bed! Basically, this post.

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Aesa said...

thats a lovely post :)

and i agree, clean and well organised goes together!

the most interesting thought was the one on ketchup!!