Thursday, November 9, 2006

14 steps to Nirvana

This is indeed the most challenging time of the semester. In order to keep from going round and round in circles doing the same things over and over again just to avoid work, I have decided to do the following with immediate effect:

1. Stop blogging. [A relief?]
2. Stop orkutting. [Yes, the poondi did me good after having to look at chaptiz all day, but it must be done too.]
3. Stop checking email 50 times a day.
4. Stop 'trying' to clean or organise my room.
5. Stop cooking. [Haven't cooked my food in 2 weeks and all the potatoes are growing eyes already.]
6. Stop MSN Messenger. [Can I really do it? Can I?]
7. Stop talking to people just to socialise.
8. Stop staying in my room.
9. Untune and pack my guitar and throw away the plectrums.
10. Keep a sleep diary to avoid PSS. [Perpetual Sleep Syndrome. I've been sleeping more than 10 hours a day - don't know if it's Singaporean weather or my defense mechanism against studying.]
11. Disconnect my desktop. [Fate did that for me already.]
12. Start spending time at the study areas in libraries and elsewhere.
14. And oh! Start studying!

So dear well-wishers, wish me luck for my exams. Those of you who pray, please pray for my success. And those of you who also have exams coming up, stop wasting time and go study - good luck to you all. This will hopefully be my last post before the 2nd of December - the day of my last exam [count-down timer on top right here]. On second of December there's also a party in NTU, and I'll probably post after I'm back from there. Oh Nirvana! Come as you are!


varunvarma said...

lol.. thats like wilson's fourteen points:p

and oh.. dont throw away your plectrum. just give them to me =)

all the best, and study hardly.

Anonymous said...

All e best for exams!!

Ah...stop checking your blog, you're supposed to study NOW!!

See yaa hehe

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog while randomly browsing through google and just thought I'd send a note. (Yup it's kinda weird I know but maybe that's what NUS education is doing to me - turning me into a nutter. :P)
So work hard and hang in there. Stop bloggin for the mo and I'll stop randomly stalking an arbitrary internet

'But lo! With hardship goeth ease. Lo! With hardship goeth ease..' (Al-Sharh 94:5-6)

A well-wisher,
fellow student in NUS

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light...'