Sunday, November 5, 2006

@ LC NUS gathering 4th Nov'06

Headline: Ben, our dear fellow exchange student from Germany who has been very active here, is going back early December. There goes a good part of LC NUS's cultural diversity. =(

And this was the last LC gathering in NUS this semester. Lots to do and look forward to next semester. Great words of advice from our senior @ers [David explained to us how "neuro-linguistic programming" or NLP works as an approach to enhance personal development and could help us in our mugging exercises as exams come up].

After we were done with the 'official' business of the gathering, most people just hung around to socialise, until a small group [of only guys] left to watch a movie and grab a meal. Of course we stuck around to take a few pictures with beloved Benjamin Görges before we let them go.

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Tiang said...

Sigh... i missed hell lot of fun! ><

Yeah, Ben is leaving, very very soon... 1st December 2006...