Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes, You Are Right

One of the most beautiful phrases to hear for any human being out there is: "Yes, you are right."

Everyone wants to be right about things they do or say - or they like to be told that the things they do or say are right. In the past week, I've been told I am right more times than my close group of friends and family have told me in a year. It's just fascinating.

I guess that is the main difference between a social and professional environment. Often, in social environments people are more prone to think that their righteousness supersedes everyone else's, and no one likes to be corrected. But in professional environments, people tend to be more ethical and more open to suggestions, feedback and critiques.

Of course, there are exceptions in every generalization (and this is a generalization).

Whatever the case, I haven't donned some kind of coporate suit to fit into this professional environment (or taken off my social suit). I am still very much myself. I must've been right all along. About most things at least, if not all.

Ah self-confidence, thou art a heartless bitch!

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