Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's a cool Summer

Yesterday was a great day. I finalized moving out of Temasek Hall and brought all my luggage to PGPR, into my room at block 27, where I'll be staying till at least July 2010 if I need to (x1). I got a call from the company where I wanted to intern asking me to start coming to work the next day onwards (x2). And I got some financial aid guarantor thing worked out finally (x3). So three times great. And then I hung out with my quasi family in Singapore, having paratha fry anda and then Pakistani Chinese later (that I also got to take-away!).

Although the heart aches, I won't have much time to worry about it this Summer. Firstly, I have my internship, and to give a feel of what it's like, my first day has been rather busy - upon my arrival they asked me to prepare marketing collaterals and print out 45 copies before the lunch break and I proofread the CEO's letter that was supposed to go with it; then after lunch I head down to the other company office at Science Park to meet up with the IT company to work on our company's website and see if the interface is satisfactory; and the rest of the day I do research on incorporating Slingbox or a similar new media technology for a new business model for the company.

Tomorrow I will be ushering at the Imagine for Red fashion show at Vivo City after work, and the next day I am meeting Radu to work on the project he's been working on with other AIESECers - I might be able to assist them in their blogging efforts. The same day I have promised some SPY people my presence at a home karaoke get-together. Sunday the same group of people are going to the beach, and that is where we will finalize our plans for the play we're gonna do later.

The play is a major undertaking as it will involve auditions, rehearsals, bookings, sourcing for props and costumes, and most of all, development of the script. Let's see how it works out, but so far, the four of us working on this seem to be highly motivated.

And last but definitely not least, my mother and two younger siblings are coming to Singapore to visit me and my sister in June! Finally this is a Summer in Singapore that I'm looking forward to!

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