Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Walking down the same path he always took every evening, he felt there was a difference in the setting this particular day. A different sensation; a different feeling; a different smell; a different experience. Yet it was so familiar! He felt aware of a presence so strong - his brainwaves detected it. He looked both ways and then behind him, as if he detected a gaze in his direction or if he was being followed, but there was not a soul in sight. He took a deep breath and carried on with his stride. As he inhaled deeper, he suddenly realised what it was that he felt - the thought tickled all his senses; made him smile. He could taste her lips; he could breathe her breath. He could feel her all around him. She was within him.

He overcame many obstacles in his life, learnt from many failures, and had learnt to live life no matter what the consequences of doing so. As he thought about it, it was perhaps this sensation that had kept him going on. Perhaps they were never meant to be - perhaps they never will be, but hope helped sustain his life at that point in time. Time had refused to befriend him, as it had moved on fast. And so his life had to move on as well, for if it stopped, there would be no future and the past would not matter anymore either. So he lit a cigarette, in yet another attempt to bury her taste; her breath; his memory; her memories...

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