Monday, February 12, 2007


Life is moving at the speed of light. It is so fast that it feels like only yesterday I was finding it hard to spend minute after minute with nothing to do in the second half of the month of December '06. In my current position however, I know for sure I need to make every minute count - at least for the next six months.

So what is it I am busy with, you may ask? First of all it's the course-load - I'm taking more than what most people can handle. Add to that the fact that I am studying social sciences, which means tons of reading. Readings, prensentations, group presentations, projects, group projects, research papers, research studies' participation and loads and loads of group meetings. Of course, I still have lectures and tutorials to attend as well - which is only nineteen hours a week.

I want to use my upcoming three-month summer break productively, so I am also looking for internships [rather desperately, I must say!]. Such a search entails loads of searching and applications to fill out [they always have a bunch of essay questions]. Of course then, I could get through this first stage of application, that usually follows an aptitude test of sorts. All the math and verbal questions I practiced for ABN Amro's aptitude test proved to be in vain, as the test required me to calculate investment, pay-back ratios and what not. After getting through this stage, one usually has to appear for an interview. This one stage is usually the most challenging. At my interview for the AIESEC Overseas Internship, the interviewer looked at my resume and said, "So you have been making 10 sales a day at your previous job, huh? Sell me a trip to the moon. Now. Go!" I wish I could've seen my expression at the time.

Then I'm taking Salsa classes through NUS Salsa, which is a sub-club of the NUS SnB sub-club. [So it's a sub-sub-club? The answer is yes. And SnB is Social and Ballroom.] I am also supposed to be the publicity head for NUS Mensa - a commitment I've conveniently avoided all the time. I also want to participate in the upcoming Snooker tournament that I've been promoting, but I don't think I will have the time to play even - let alone practice. Thankfully NUS Cue Sports will still give me some CCA points for my participation in the first semester. And then, yes, I am playing Squash for my faculty in the ongoing Inter-Faculty Games [IFG] so I've been visiting the Squash courts at KE VII Hall at least thrice a week.

I am a cluster leader in my residence, which basically means I have to attend a two-hour fortnightly meeting every Monday [yes today is one of those days]; I have to assume the function of a postman for the fifteen people that live on my floor; I have to collect and hold on to the contact details of my cluster-mates so that I can promote the events being held in my residence [like the Friendship Week that just ended - thankfully]; I have to take roll call in the case of a fire [never] or a fire-drill [once a semester]; and lastly I have to put up various notices around the cluster and ensure everything is in working order or report any faulty kitchen equipment etc. I do all this in my capacity as a cluster leader to get a 10% rebate on my accomodation. What a cheapskate I am!

And then there is AIESEC. I don't even want to get started on that. I feel there's so much I'm involved with, yet at every meeting or gathering I just need to turn my head a little to the right or left to find someone who is doing ten times more work than me. No, I'm not going to get started on my AIESEC activities. Just that this weekend has passed away in the blink of an eye thanks to AIESEC.

Amidst all this activity this realisation hits me two days ago that I "may" have mid-term exams! See, last semester I had none, and I got used to the idea. It was actually a tutor who referred to the Chinese New Year break as the "Reading Week" that gave me a shock which shook my very soul. This was my train of thought at that point in time: "I might have a mid-term next week! I might have a mid-term this week! Oh shit, I might have a mid-term tomorrow! Oh bloody hell, it might be my next lecture today! I missed my lecture yesterday - have I missed a mid-term already? Fuck."

So I took a few deap breaths and opened IVLE to check my syllabus outlines. Indeed, I do have a mid-term this week. Indeed, I have yet to do my very first reading. Indeed, I better quit the ignominy of being completely aloof about my studies.


ddee said...

Hahaha...All e best dude!

What? Exam..what's dat? hee..

Anonymous said...

yup, mid term break s a break from relaxation...all the best, looks like u need it :)

PS= that dint help much, did it

Anonymous said...

Man if you can type this much in one go time is not much of a problem for you! Is it?

Nabeel K said...

Thanks Dee. The mid is tomorrow and I'm pulling an all-nighter [and procrastinating right now =D].

Anonymous1, the mid-term break is designed to give an illusion of relaxation - of breathing space. In effect it is a way to torture students more effectively as they live under this illusion of having time but not really having it. If I don't work EVERY day of the break, I will surely be trampled by the insane amount of tests, presentations and project submissions the week right after CNY.

Anonymous2, I type this much as an act of procrastination. It's my lethal sin. Plus the fact that whining actually helps reducing stress.

Thank you for your comments.