Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Out of this world!

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not crapping crap about new year's and what this year will bring, how fantastic it will be, what resolutions I have made and blah blah blah... It will bring the same old $||it. Another day another dollar. My first post this year is about online services.

If you spend most of your time online, like I do, you really begin to appreciate some features of online networking 'devices'. In the past two years, among other things, I've promoted the following excessively:

  1. Extra storage on Hotmail. Before Live was introduced, I would "Close" people's hotmail accounts after changing their location to 'Florida' with zip code '33333'. They would freak out because all their mail would disappear after some serious warnings were displayed on screen. And then I would ask them to sign in and "Activate" their hotmail accounts; and viola! Storage space increased from 2 MB to 250 MB. Back then, such a transition in storage space was big - it doesn't matter much now, as 8 Megapixel cameras make photographs larger than what would fit in a 2 MB mailbox.

  2. Orkut. Being one of the first few people who joined it, I told loads of people about it - I didn't send spam because it's hated, but I talked about it. And everyone used to receive loads of spam from their other friends, so they'd join, sooner or later.

  3. Gmail. I find it amazing how so many people still don't use Gmail. I've promoted Gmail so much that sometimes I'm not even conscious about doing it. It's true, I presume people who don't use Gmail lack intelligence. But with nearly unlimited storage; instant email; "View as HTML" for .doc and .xls files; and most of all, the email grouping called "a conversation"; alongwith the search powers of Google - applied to your inbox, I can't imagine why a person wouldn't WANT to use Gmail. It has to be either ignorance or lack of intelligence. Or absolute insanity.

  4. Facebook. My latest obsession. It's better than Orkut because firstly, it allows an unlimited number of pictures to be uploaded. Secondly, you can start threads on each of these pictures so that your friends can comment on them. Third, it is based on your university network, so you can do things like entering your module/course information and seeing people who take the same courses as you. In the past it didn't allow non-university students to join, such that if a university was not in Facebook's list, you could not join. But recently they changed that. So everyone can join. Another cool feature of Facebook is the 'Profile Badge' that you can see in my blog - in the right column. There are many other cool features too, which you can find out once you join - oh! There I go with my promotion again. You know, these companies should be paying me for all the heavy promotion I do. Hell, I even visit the advertisements!
I also promote the idea of blogging. I don't promote Blogger because it is still struggling with a lot of technical issues, although I still appreciate the user-friendly interface.

I promote blogging because it's efficient. It reduces the need to send individual emails to people you care about, and if they care about you, they will read your blog. You can add photographs, links to other websites, and embed videos too. Plus, if you have ANY flair for writing or blabbering [there's a difference but it doesn't matter for promotion purposes], blogging is the thing for you.

Also, I had a tamanna [desire] since forever to make a web site of my own - that enabled me to do the very things I do on my blog. I purchased nubeals.com two years ago for the same reason, and last month I purchased the domain for yet another year. I haven't completed the web site thanks to procrastination, AIESEC work and studies. For now if you go to www.nubeals.com it only redirects to my blog. Some day I will bring my index fingers together like Evie Garland and freeze time so that I can do all the things I want to do. And then I'd just snap my fingers like that to resume time. Out of this world, huh! Now that was one kick-ass show...


ddee said...

What about promoting...hm... Lady Finger and roti?..yummy

Nabeel K said...

Ahahah! Promoting a dish would mean making it for other people. If I can cook something tasty, I would rather cook for myself. =D

Thank you for your kind comments. You're the best, you know that?!

Shweta said...

hmm...dint know u were a techno freak...on a completely different note, have ANY idea about potluck dinner? :(

Nabeel K said...

I hope it won't be another excuse for my cluster mates to pay me to make another dish. It's so frustrating. Especially when you know it's only chinese food that will really be appreciated. If there was even ONE desi guy in the RA team I would not have minded.