Saturday, January 20, 2007

Life for sale at more than US$ 24,000?

I don't have time for a serious post but I just had to share this link forwarded to me by my friend 'R'. Apparently this 24-year old Australian guy named Nicael Holt [pronounced "nick-ale"] is giving up his entire life for sale short of legal things like driving license, passport, degrees, future inheritance and legal identity. His name, Nicael, is gender neutral which means both guys and girls can buy his life.

Things like all his possessions [even piercings], social life [more than 150 friends as well as potential lovers], skills [which involve a 4-week training] and life choices [his hair-style and the fact that he's vegetarian] will be passed on to the winning bidder. It's a very serious sale and only serious bidders are counted [non-serious ones are thrown out] - bidding on eBay is legally binding and eBay is personally facilitating this bid/sale.

30% of the winnings will be given away for a mental illnesses charity, and they are also making a documentary out of the process. In the age where we have crimes like "identity theft", the time has finally come when we have "identity sales". It's such an interesting time in the history of the world. It excites me to be present today! Thank you 'R' for accidently sharing this with me.

Click here to see the bidding details and process on eBay. Last time I checked the winning bid was AU$ 30,900. The bidding ends in 3 days.

You can also view Nicael's MySpace page here.

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