Tuesday, January 30, 2007

10 things to do when you see a Milo truck on campus

1. SMS all the people in your phone book - even those back in Pakistan - or where-ever you are from, telling them they can get free Milo at the Central Library forum.

2. Try Milo from each container - it might taste different.

3. If there are two trucks, try both.

4. Each time you refill, tell the person next to you it's your first drink and you hope it's good.

5. Get a booth from the NUS students' union, and make people sign up for a Milo SMS community.

6. Ask people how many drinks they have had. Accuse them of having had more if they say one.

7. Fill your thermos with Milo. If someone questions you, tell them you need to heat it in the microwave because you prefer to have hot Milo.

8. When all the containers are "Closed", ask the Milo truck-driver if he has more.

9. If he says he doesn't, accuse him of stealing precious free Milo for his kids.

10. Wear a green shirt and green pants, stand by the Milo truck and ask people to pay you 20 cents for every cup of Milo because you're the Milo-man.


Albatross said...

heh, nice

JUMZ said...


i hafta agree that i follow no. 1 precisely

just to add 11th point: Alight from shuttle bus at the sight of the truck even if u intended to go somewhere else

and the 2nd photo seems strange.. how come there is no crowd next to the milo truck especially no desis??

Nabeel K said...

You are so right. Very valid 11th point.

There are no people because this is 11am when I was an hour late to class. The place would be cramped up an hour later when all the lectures going on at the time end.

50% are always desis, yes. =D

Muftaaaaaa partyyyy!

Aesa said...

a very desi post :P

I like the 1st and last point. very desi! :)

hanna said...

hahaha...billy...this makes life beautiful...if we are not like that how can we be different?? lol