Monday, April 21, 2008

Selling Blogs

With a title like that, you would probably expect some advice on how to make money from your blogs. Sorry to disappoint you if that was your expectation when you clicked in.

What I mean by selling blogs is selling the idea of blogging to someone who doesn't blog - something I have done a lot in the past months (well, ever since I started to blog myself). Naturally, some of these people (to my surprise, actually) started blogging and some of the more established ones are by:
So my dear readers, do check out their blogs because at least one of them told me my blog inspired them to start writing, which is a very heart-warming compliment indeed.

And while you're at it, two more people have joined in and they have some impressive posts, to say the least. They are by:
So hang around their virtual homes (i.e. their blogs), read their stuff and comment if you will.

The exam period is floating in the air in NUS and everyone is tensed up in this Reading Week, so a little distraction might only help. (Sorry if it doesn't!)

Disclaimer: I should say that I wasn't the only factor to have influenced the above-mentioned writers to start blogging; all I am saying is that I played a role (to whatever extent) in convincing them to start writing, and this is my way of showing my appreciation for them by making this post.


Usman said...

why is my name in red :P

Anonymous said...

it's red because that site has been clicked.

seems like you flatter yourself too much :P

cathyc said...

this is hilarious! so only your name is in red usman? hmm u better start clickin on the other names more ;P

Usman said...

guys... there is this thing called a joke lol :P :P