Monday, April 14, 2008


I am a geek. It's official.

I can't help but to have outbursts of geek talk. It doesn't matter if I am sitting in a group of non-geeks. I just can't help myself.

I start Facebook groups like Revive BillMonk to protest the errors in the BillMonk service (which is actually an excellent service by the way). And my reason is that I just can't believe there's a fantastic website out there that has a major bug and it's not being fixed.

I use Mozilla Firefox because it has add-ons like the Facebook toolbar, the Google toolbar, SearchStatus 1.21 that shows Alexa and PageRank rankings, and Screengrab! 0.93, that helps save the entire web page as an image (very useful).

I also manage to hang Firefox because I don't restart it for days, have more than 15 tabs open at any given time, and I have two different versions of Adobe Acrobat (8.0 and 8.1) installed on my computer. There are times when I open a page that requires a Java applet to run (Internet banking or Facebook image uploader) while I open an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) document in another tab, when at the same time a Facebook Notification (from the toolbar) pops up and that totally crashes my browser.

Thankfully, Mozilla saves all the web pages that are open before it hangs and when I open it again I get the option to 'Restore Session'. *smiles cheekily*

When I talk about things that totally inspire me, people often zone out because they don't want to listen to geek-talk (or know how to). You could get me started by saying something absurd like, "Yahoo is better than Google".

I am so passionate about most Google products that I just won't tolerate an accusation like that. Yeah, I use most Google products: AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, Base, Blogger, Calendar, Docs, Gmail, Groups, iGoogle, Maps, Notebook, orkut, Picasa Web Albums, Reader, Talk, Web History, and Webmaster Tools.

Why was there a need to make this post? Why tell the world you're a geek?

It's fairly simple - when people hear me talk (yap!) about geeky stuff, they feel like calling me a geek. But people are polite (yes, it's true!) so they don't.

But I don't mind being called a geek. It's only true. So go right ahead. Say it.

PS. This post may not make any sense at all. If you bothered reading it, you are either jobless or you just can't consume any more text books (reference to the NUS exam period). To the latter, I wish good luck.

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