Saturday, July 21, 2007

No Smoking

Quit smoking date: June 16th (Shubhangi's birthday)
Today's date: July 21st
Time elapsed: Exactly 5 weeks (more than a month!)

Have I made it this time? Have I really quit? My last attempt to quit was not successful. I quit quitting 9 days after my quit date. However, this is my second-most successful attempt to quit smoking cigarettes since the time I started smoking 13 years ago.

Goofy animation "No Smoking" explains smoking as experienced by smokers and quitting smoking as experienced by "quitters". (Thank you Omer for sharing this with me!)

[YouTube link]

"It's a Phylis Morrison!"

"Give the smoker enough room, and he will hang on to his habit."

Not this time.

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1 comment:

rené said...

Quitting smoking is actually not that difficult. The struggle lies with not starting again.

Ok, enough wisecracking from me, afterall I am lucky enough that I did not start in beginning. Just hoping that you will succeed. :-)

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