Thursday, July 5, 2007

Like, wassup?

More than half the vacations are through by now - Western and Asian nations have agreed to end 'green imperialism' together after accusing each other for the alarming change in climate the world over, Gaza journalist Alan Johnston was released after being kidnapped for 114 days, some Mexican Mr Slim managed to get a wallet fatter than Bill Gates', Apple released the first generation of the new iPhone, and smoking was banned in clubs in Singapore and UK - but where is AIESEC? Is AIESEC dead?
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Aesa said...

hurray for alan johnston's release. the effect that the release is going to have on hamas though is a bit unsettling. Hamas might actually be seen in a good light. Which is not goood !!
no smokin in s'pore clubs?? aiya !

i dunno bout aiesec in SG. in egypt its pretty happenin :P

Nabeel K said...

It's good! Hamas deserves to be seen through a different lens for once. I don't know. No smoking in clubs is goooood! I haven't smoked in 3 weeks now!

And Aesa, it seems you never bothered to click on "Continue Reading". It would have taken you to the AIESEC in NUS blog, and explains all the happenings (the complete post).

It's happening here too! You just haven't immersed yourself in it yet.

Aesa said...

yes I am a little duh these days.. jus read the full thing. hmmm.

Hamas had many chances to be seen through a different lens. and they f**** it all up. They have very wonderfully established their reputation as a millitant group now.

anyway goooood - the no smokin bit.
I smoke sheesha evryday!!! cairo rocks :P

Nabeel K said...

Hey bring some authentic sheesha flavours here to Singapore. I have a sheesha in my room! :P

Oh, also get some slow-burning coal! =D

And screw Hamas!! Hehehe...