Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Exam-time Cookery

Compared to the kinds of daal available here in Singapore, which appear like yellow-coloured water to me, this is the kind of daal we Pakistanis make. And these are two different daals - the yellow one is daal channa - chickpeas split in half, and the black one we call masar - but I think people from different parts of Pakistan and India have different names for it - like daal masoor or something. Both these take four hours to prepare, though no real effort is required.

So what I'm trying to share here is that I spent four precious hours cooking during exam time when I could've studied. What a cool I am! What a cool.

Exam time is like that for me - even the most boring and mundane activities seem to be so refreshing, and studying is the last thing that could interest me. The irony! Oh well, maybe I should begin studying for the two major exams I have tomorrow! Hah! [The keyword here is 'maybe'.]


Bart Simpson said...

four hours to prepare daal??!! are you serious?? what did you use to cook it? I normally take less than half an hour..no kidding!

Nabeel K said...

Well it really depends which daal you're talking about. I can make Moong ki dhulli daal [thin, yellow grains] in less than 30 minutes too, but even for that I soak it in water for 30 minutes, so the preparation time comes to around 1 hour.

For the daals mentioned in my post, four hours is the preparation time and not cooking time. However, they still take two hours each to cook. Of course, I don't use a pressure cooker [because I don't have one], or they would also take 20 minutes only.

Bart Simpson said...

ooh.. you can cook dal in one day without a pressure cooker! wah and you actually soak it!! Hats off to all that patience.. I just put everything inside a pressure cooker and take it out after half and hour...and (even my mother doesn't know I do this) I don't even have enough patience to let the cooker cool down.. so I simply put cold water over it as soon as I think the dal is done! hehe