Friday, April 13, 2007

BG and AG

I can imagine a human race, maybe 50 years from now, when they would no longer use the Christian calendar. No BC [before Christ], no AD [Anno Domini]. So how will they measure years then? The year would begin in what is now September, and the notation for the years would be BG and AG. Before Google, and After Google.

See, I can not understand how university students in the past were able to browse through archives, study from thick journals, conduct research, and find the information they needed. For me, if I was living in the BG era, I probably would not have made it past basic schooling. But now every computer application comes with a Ctrl+F function, allowing you to find the exact phrase or term or word you are looking for, in say, 10 million pages? 100 million pages? I mean, there just isn't any limit.

Information is moving from hard-drives to virtual drives and it's happening right now. So far, Google is the king in the virtual environment. Google has the first-mover advantage in quality search services and it can be expected that it will make every effort to keep its throne.

You're probably thinking why September, right? I mean, I just didn't say September because my birthday falls in that month; that it's the magic-NINE month. It's simple really - Google was founded in September, on the 7th, in 1998. We're living in 8 AG right now. In 50 years, what is now 7th September will be new year's eve in the year 58 AG and hence a public holiday!

As long as I'm making predictions, I also predict that most of the world by then would be populated with free-thinkers, who will live virtual lives with no limitations of the gender or race they choose for themselves. The whole world would have the same law and the world will be ruled by the media.

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i like ur predictions=D