Friday, September 30, 2011

Re: Evolution is false…and the Sun goes round the Earth

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"Evolution is a scam by evil scientists out to disprove Creation? Hardly. Its time to grow up and update our worldview."

Couldn't have responded better myself. If you believe, you can't question the existence of God and his disciples, but everything else, you can - only to understand more.

The classic example of the drowning man rescue where he sends the rescue team away because he believes God will save him. He still needs a 'means' to get through to you - be it DNA or "Allah" written in Arabic through trees. (Of course, he drowns!)

Ignorance should be prosecuted - just because faith is blind doesn't mean you become blind despite it's instructions. You need to see, hear, and try to understand even more, until you have conviction about every topic that interests you, even if the slightest bit.

Author's note: Slight edits made before republishing comment.

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