Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everyday is Mother's Day

There's a reason why they call it 'mother tongue'. A mother is not just a person or just a relative. A mother is an institution, and for me, she is an inspiration. So here I'd like to share some random things that make my mother a superwoman...

  • When her youngest daughter was born, the nurse congratulated me on becoming an uncle. I corrected her and she stared at me and my mother in disbelief. Sometimes, for fun, I call her 'Aapi' in public. ('Aapi' means older sister, and strangers buy it.)
  • She has overcome divorce and moved forward by making vows for a second time. In a country like Pakistan, it takes tremendous energy, will and confidence to make such a move. 
  • She has raised four children - all of them confident, with good self-esteem and good manners. Her children are models for others and people give examples of her upbringing in the family. Some can't even imagine raising their kids so well.
  • She may have celebrated her golden jubilee, but she's not old. She's doing another postgraduate program, which she's juggling with a full-time job that requires her to travel frequently. 
  • Her assignments require her to blog. She uses Facebook regularly but now she has entered the blogosphere as well!
  • Did I mention my mother is gorgeous?! She is. 
  • She has never ignored her parents or siblings. She always gives them love, as much as she can.
  • She lost her sister who she loved like a daughter. Despite that, life goes on, and while that's sad, it's amazing that she has that drive energy to always move forward.

And this list could go on forever. I owe my mother everything, and I am reminded of that everyday. I don't need a commercial Mother's Day to remind me of these things. Everyday is Mother's Day for me. 

I love you Ma jee! 


Arshia said...

when i started writing my blog in dec 2010, the first entry was why i want to write a blog, and the second entry was about my mom.
it is like dejavu for me to see you revive your blog, and then write such a beautiful thing about your mom. :) something along the lines of 'great minds....' don't you think!

Nabeel K said...

Great minds think alike, methinks! :D

orezavi said...

Yay for your mom and family!