Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ramadan Mubarak!

The month where all hypocrites come out and practice being Muslim or trying to be Muslim has arrived. In case you don't know, Ramadan is the month where Muslims (that's followers of Islam, not terrorists, for your kind information) are supposed to fast (means eating or drinking nothing) from dawn till dusk. The whole idea is for 'haves' to feel the suffering of the 'have-nots' etcetera.

So what is so hypocritical about this month of Ramadan, or the month of Hypocrisy if they decided to rename it? Well, you see, Muslims are supposed to do a lot of things and there's no flexibility allowed. You have to pray 5 times a day. You can not engage in pre-marital or extra-marital consummation. Sodomy is not allowed. You need to give a portion of your income to the poor (that is not tax). You can not consume alcohol. You can not see a woman's hair (or a woman show hers). Etcetera.

When Ramadan arrives, people showing one or more of the above-mentioned forbidden behaviours stop demonstrating them temporarily. Hell, a rapist could stop raping people and think he's being religious. What's wrong with that, they say, it's out of respect! They respect the month of Ramadan!

But if they respect the month of Ramadan so much, why don't they respect God's other commands? Just because God said blessings will be multiplied in this month doesn't mean you can be 'good' for this period and then continue being 'bad', does it?

With respect to sins, the way it works (in Islam at least) is that you commit a sin, beg for forgiveness and never do it again. Odds are, the All-Forgiving will forgive. But if you don't beg for forgiveness, and you are certain you will be sinning again, then how can you expect all your temporary goodness to be accepted?

It's like a cold-hearted criminal becoming good in prison only to continue being a criminal as soon as he is out.

Ramadan is not a prison for Muslims. (Though you will see many of them treating it like that!)

What's more, even though fasting means not eating, so many Muslims end up gaining weight! How is that? Well, they eat at dawn, they eat at dusk, and often have dinner as well. But they eat more to make up. Yes, they eat approximately twice as much because they have to go the whole day without food - which is really hard - considering the air-conditioner makes your throat dry (which some may think is worse than what a construction worker might go through lifting bricks and all, but oh well).

Another hypocritical thing about Ramadan is that it's the ultimate excuse for laziness. Public servants and private employees all alike take long breaks for prayers (in other Islamic months they would usually not even pray) and they will not get any work done because well, they're feeling hungry. ("Mujhe roza lag raha hei" - I can feel the fast!) What kind of an evil boss would make a hungry person work, right?

However, the most hypocritical thing that Muslims do in Ramadan is being self-righteous. Just because a person fasts gives him or her the license to indicate to others that they're not a good person because they don't fast, or pray, or say their Tarawwi. I mean, what is that all about? You've been bad all year, and then suddenly, because of culture and society (or the misconception that you're a Muslim just because you were born one) you think you are better than another? That is just not acceptable.

So what's this rant about then? Well firstly, I want to wish all Muslims (hypocritical and those who are not) a very blissful Ramadan. And secondly, to announce that I will not be a hypocrite this Ramadan; hence I will not fast this 9th month of 1429, Islamic year.

Due apologies to God and no one else.


Made said...

Haha, this is the most radical and bold statement that i have read about Ramadhan from a Moslem. I agree with you. Growing up in a Moslem-dominated society I understand with what you are saying.

Nubeals said...

Thanks mate. You should've seen the responses it got on Facebook. Hehe...

Omer said...

Oh finally u agree with me that most muslims are self righteous hypocrites and its being hypocritical if u r only "good" for this month and the rest of the time r a "rapist" of the religion. Good work!

I believe u r also wondering what the heck am i doing at ur blog....bored with nothing to do at office right now....hence the last resort to look for some entertainment....

Anonymous said...

"Don't associate my flaws with my religion"
-Dave Chappelle