Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is the day that Muslims were outcast in the entire media-brainwashed world. Those images of the planes crashing into the building being played over and over again as if it was the most ridiculous thing ever - I mean, who would think a plane can be crashed into a building? Architects and engineers apparently. Yes, they have been designing plane-crash-proof buildings since a few decades and the WTC towers were specially designed to absorb impact. Anyway, screw conspiracy theories. Who doesn't remember those videos?

Everyone agrees it was a horrible tragedy. 2752 dead. 2752 families ruined. But no one realizes the horror of the aftermath.

The millions and billions of Muslims that practice their faith in moderation began to get identified as terrorists. People like Aafia Siddiqui who may be considered a little on the extreme side because they try to preach ended up suffering immensely, and the thousands that went 'missing' are all tragic stories untold.

Compare Aafia's case with the Catholic number of missionaries traveling to India alone each year (a huge number) - you will learn that the world is quite open to preaching - only not by Muslims any more.

Why? They're potential terrorists? Now isn't that a little extremist I say!

Yes. Today was a horrible day indeed. Horrible, horrible day.

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