Monday, June 16, 2008

Why I carry on with AIESEC

Okay I get it. I think I now know why I continue with AIESEC despite everything.

AIESEC gives me things to do. Things to do give me the sense of purpose in everyday life (that doesn't have to be long-term, but can be). The sense of purpose gives me direction in day-to-day activities. The direction keeps me from straying away and doing useless things.

Useless things include sitting idly online, or with friends, or just lying on my bed.

I'm not saying that doing these things doesn't give me pleasure. Of course it does. But sometimes you need to stick to a few things and obviate hedonism in order to make progress.

Or to stick to a pattern of making progress (as opposed to sticking to a pattern of epicurean and self-destructive tendencies).

Heading in the right direction means having more fulfilling days, filled with achievement(s) that boost my morale and increase my self-confidence.

At some events, participating in AIESEC despite ridicule from friends actually gives me the motivation to go on with the struggle (that is life).

Motivation strengthens the mind.


Anonymous said...

hey, back to your blog after a really long time!
it's amazing that most AIESEC-ers (?) are so committed to it, most people would give anything to find something that would spur them on so much..


Nubeals said...

Yeah, come to think of it, it's quite amazing people are willing to step out of their comfort zone so much. Most AIESECers (yes, correct) are highly spirited and very passionate. It can motivate lazy bums like me.

Great to know you have started writing again!