Sunday, June 15, 2008


You can forgive your friends for anything. Whether it is for literally inhaling that last piece of chocolate you asked them to save for you, or even for stealing your girlfriend. But you can't forgive them for spitting on your dreams.

It's just sad when that happens. You feel like they don't respect you or what you aim to do in life. They can't provide you with the motivation you need to keep steering towards your goals. From that point on, you don't feel like sharing your joys and successes and eventually the friendship wears off.

I guess that is just normal in life. Good friends come and go. After all, you need to have perfect understanding and friendship with just one person in this world.

That elusive one.

If we're lucky, all of us will find that one, get married and have hundreds and thousands of (hypothetical) kids.

Of course, most of us are jinxed.


Anonymous said...

I think what is normal is that we all have phases. Sometimes we're getting on our friends nerves and don't realize it.Sometimes they're just having a lousy day. Good friends stay, i believe.Besides if you are to have ups and downs with everyone wouldn't you rather stick to one bunch? Then even the ups and downs would become familiar and easier to deal with :)

I like the way you've ended your post.Gives it a kick!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with that statement. Whatever circumstances you undergo are just reflections of your choices. Only those friends stay whom you choose to keep. They aren't necessarily 'good' or 'good for you' because humans err and not all our decisions are always correct. That elusive one might pass by right under your nose without you recognising. One can only hope to be not too jinxed to recognise that person.