Monday, February 11, 2008

Updates... Sneeze attack!

I've been out from the "blogging scene" since quite some time so what all have I been up to?

I watched The Notebook and The Kite Runner yesterday - both awesome movies that are able to deliver goosebumps and very real emotions (you know the kind you can feel in your eyes). I recommend them both even if you have the least bit of a feminine side.

Day before yesterday we finally initiated the Global Village project with the first meeting of the OC. I was lucky to be able to get hold of some talented people from AIESEC in NUS and now it's all about implementation and a little bit of brainstorming as we come up with proposals and what not. I have yet to send out the minutes though. I need to speak to the LCP about some things first so I'm procrastinating a bit. But what can an LC event be without the president's help?

Right now I am sitting down at the lovers' den near Central Forum and I'm working on a web critique that I have to write for my publications module. I'm handing it in late so I need to make it very good to make up for the penalty. I've picked the AIESEC Singapore website to critique and the other four websites need to be of similar organisations so I'm picking iHippo, Work and Travel USA, JobsCentral, NUS Exchange and one other.

Speaking of the lovers' den, it's quite empty here considering it's the love season - St Valentine's coming up and all. I guess this place is still somewhat original and not commercialised (but it could be done very effectively, I believe).

Later I am attending WWF's Living Planet Report (multi-disciplinary perspectives on climate change). If someone from the AIESEC Environmental Awareness PBoX is there, we might even speak to WWF about a possible partnership or something of the sort.

Tomorrow I have 7 hours of non-stop lectures/tutorials (Tuesdays I am booked from 10 am to 5 pm) and then The Ridge elections at 6:30 or something. Still not sure if I want to run for anything.

I also have to complete my EB application because I have decided I want to be in next year's AIESEC in NUS executive board. But I can't find my old application - it would've helped so much! Wish me luck as I am sure there will be good competition!

Oh, and I have signed up for Arabic language classes that will be every Wednesday (starting day after tomorrow) 5 to 7 pm. The downside to this is that it leaves me broke, and now I need to quit smoking to save some money. More on that on my War On Smoking blog (I'm selling my last 50g packet of Drum tobacco if anyone wants it for S$20).

I haven't done any cooking this semester and my sister has been picking up the slack. The other day I soaked some red (kidney) beans in water for two days and they went bad because I didn't cook them. They were just lying there and had to be thrown away. I hate wastage of food! So I need to do some cooking real soon!

And last, I am applying for internships for this Summer (there's this one Development Traineesheep in China that really caught my attention) but I am not sure if I want to apply through AIESEC (there's this one with Bloomberg Singapore that I really like). So I am not sure what I should do. I also want to plan it in such a way so that I can visit Pakistan again for a month or so at the end of the 3-month summer vacaton.

So what have you been up to?

Sneeze attack!

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