Saturday, February 9, 2008

Black and White World

I wonder how it can be so easy for people to live in a completely black and white world. Where philosophies, logic and arguments can not reach any conclusion because of the very nature of this kind of world.


Excuses? Arguments? What are reasons? Why is it so hard to understand them; to deal with them? Why do some people choose to accept reasons and others choose to ignore them?

Do reasons represent what is morally grey? Do they represent everything that falls between the black and the white?

Are all the colours of life just a bunch of reasons?

I don't fathom reasons. I don't like excuses. I always like to do what is best and what is the most appropriate. But I still have reasons.

If a father, who is supposed to go to an event that is important to his daughter, isn't able to make it because of, guess what - reasons, does that make him a bad guy?

The answer is: in a black and white world that would make him a bad guy.

But life can not be just that black and white, now can it? Reasons are always there to be accepted, so that life can move on and show all its colours in all their glory.

There is a reason why everything turns out to be the way it does. In fact, there are always numerous reasons - and tons and tons of different perspectives. I'm saying there are even more than two sides to every story.

Life is not black and white. Accept it the way it is and learn to understand all the perspectives.

It's too cliched but I'll still say it - forgive, and forget - the two things that will always make you happy and your life colourful.

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Anonymous said...

I think that people don't really live in a black and white world.They just like to believe that they do.I've also learned that people change their opinions depending on who the person in question is.I absolutely agree that situations should be viewed from more than just one perspective.At the same time,sometimes circumstances demand for black and white.A father would need to have a very good excuse for missing his daughter's important event to keep himself from being a bad guy in my books.