Monday, December 3, 2007

Women Can Now Wee Anywhere!

Picture: The Whiz Plus

It sounds crazy, I know, but there are loads of women out there who complain they can't sit on toilet seats in publics washrooms, let alone doing it behind a bush.

There are these feministic 'ladies' who think it's unfair that God made man such that he can open his zipper and wee anywhere whereas a woman just can't do that.

The company called WhizBiz is selling three different models of what they call The Whiz. One is for indoors use, one is for outdoors (it's made of some high-tech plasma coating so that all liquid is repelled and it always remains dry), and there is one for collecting midstream samples for tests as well.

Everyday, women are becoming more and more like men and vice versa. Just think of all those guys who don't wee standing up any more because it's not 'decent' - and now these women are going to feel 'enpowered' that they can wee standing up. I mean, if you look at the symbolic significance of these things happening, you will see that the world we live in doesn't make much sense any more. It doesn't to me.

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