Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things I want to eat when I go back home

Yes, I've already started making my lists!

Saag Gosht with Makai ki Roti (From Gawal Mandi, Lahore)
Nehari (From Waris or Mohammadi)
Haleem (Anywhere!)
Chicken Biryani (Made by my mother)
Chicken Tikka (From Afghani Tikka Shop near Bhayya's, Lahore)
Pizza (Pronta from Pizza Time)
Phalliyan Gosht (Made by my mother)
Curry (Made by my grandmother)
Paye (Made by my grandmother)
Laal Lobia (Made by my mother)
Chicken Kofta (Made by my mother)
Seekh Kebab (From Bhayya's)
Chapli Kebab (From that place in Main Market, Lahore)
Falooda (From that place near Gawal Mandi, Lahore)
Keema Katlama (From that Halwa Poori shop in Barkat Market, Lahore)
Rau Fish (From Basheer Dar-ul-Mahi)
Chicken Garlic Mayo Roll (From Hot'n'Spicy, Karachi)


Hanna said...

hahha... you are still missing out some stuff... what about.....

1)annda shaami burger from mini market
2)gool gappy from liberty/link road
3)dahi bharah from fancy-->model town market
4)katlammay (made by nano)
6)cham cham from nirala
7)pakistani chinese!!
8)cheese salan
9)bhaiyya kay kabab
10)coco's near badshahi mosque

and so so much more!!! now i am getting heavily tempted hehe... i think i shud go now and make my own list :)

Won said...

Man you dont have to make a tag for every food you want to eat :P