Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Human Nature & Sexuality

Consider a man wearing wings designed as if to allow him to fly. But since the wings aren't designed according to the laws of aerodynamics, the pressure the wings apply on the atmosphere is not enough to lift the weight of the man himself.

When the man jumps off a cliff, he can feel the pressure on himself. He can feel the pressure on his wings. For a few minutes the man sees the ground below him far away. He thinks he is flying. But in the end he is subject to the laws of gravity. That is when he comes crashing down – realizing too late that he was, indeed, not flying.

Our society is sliding into ruin, and it is sliding fast. I don't mean to preach, or act like one of the preachers. But this is also exactly what the preachers say as well (using “God said” as an argument instead).

Sodomy is undoubtedly the first step. It is the reason why I will not condone homosexuality (in general). I wouldn't condone sodomy even amongst heterosexuals or bisexuals for that matter.

Before, society was more reserved. They say the time of Sigmund Freud was that of "sexual repression" when they covered a table with a table-cloth to conceal its "naked” legs. Today, such thinking would be deemed backwards.

Today, sex is everywhere. Entertainment, advertising, shops PDAs (public-displays-of-affection) are more than a common sighting now. Society, today, has developed a tolerance for sex.

In fact, sex is so 'normal' now, that there are other behaviors that are becoming more and more tolerable. Take homosexuality, for instance. After all, it's just a "sexual preference" or "orientation" for any individual; why should anyone else even bother?

This April, when the movie "Zoo" was released, there was much debate over it. The Traditional Values Coalition denounced the movie because they say it is an attempt "to normalize bestiality as simply another sexual orientation." Even the American Family Association has threatened to boycott any company that promotes it.

Zoo is about zoophiles – people who eroticize animals. Unlike homosexuality, which society in general has become very lenient towards, zoophilia (which is not bestiality) probably has a few decades more to go before it becomes an acceptable behaviour or even "orientation".

Borrowing the language of gay liberation, Philip Buble, a zoophile, said, "I'm the first out-of-the-closet 'zoo' to be attacked because of my sexual orientation." While speaking to the Bangor Daily News, Buble says the "relationship" between man and beast "can develop to be a sexual one."

If sexual liberation didn't occur overnight; if homosexuality wasn't deemed acceptable overnight; if the barriers on pederasty came down in the 1960s after being around since the 800s; then why would zoophilia be acceptable overnight? All it needs now is time.

You are probably shaking your head now and thinking, "No! Never!"

Let me tell you, people did that both with sex and homosexuality in the recent past. In fact, a huge population still denies their acceptableness - for good reason too.

Most of us have already witnessed polygamy and pedophilia in this era. Sadomasochism is also acceptable to many nowadays. We know it's out there and it's happening. Gay marriages are being allowed by more and more states - so much so that even incest stands a chance to be legalized.

Yes, incest.

Scientists claim that sex between a brother and sister is “icky” or disgusting because the notion of sex with a sibling correlates with how long they have cohabited with that sibling and watched their mother care for him or her. Incest aversion correlates more to experiential factors than the belief of the sibling being genetically related. Simply put, if you weren’t brought up with your siblings, you might want to have sex with them.

The famous brother-sister couple from Germany, Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski, were separated as kids and when the brother, aged 23, met his sister, they both fell in love. They have had four children out of which one has epilepsy and two are 'special'.

The couple has received a lot of support from friends and neighbors and when they walk in the supermarket, people recognize them and tell them they support their legal challenge. A ruling is expected in the next few months once a "fundamental discussion" is held about this issue in Germany.

So what is my stance or my argument when I put all these things together? Our society is like the man with wings trying to defy nature in trying to fly. Sooner or later, our society will come crashing down.

How do we avoid that? Homophobia? Incest aversion? Banishment of zoosexuality and zoo sadism? I don't think so. Clearly, acceptance of all these traits is not the answer either.

We need to put sex back in the closet. What goes on in a dark room ought to remain in there. What you do in your private time is none of my business; or anyone else's for that matter.

If you are a guy, you could be groping your woman in public, groping your man in public, your animal or even your sister. But it is none of my business. So keep it to yourself.

Please don't do it in public. Please don't do it in the media. Don't file petitions, try to make headlines, or apply for legislation of your sexual acts. No one is going to come and check on what you do in the middle of the night.

Let’s save our society from going into ruins. We are not flying. It’s time to take a step back and examine the situation. No one wants to fall flat on the ground. Nature wasn’t designed for us to.

Disclaimer: I am not a homophobe. I respect the uniqueness of homosexuals and trust their good intentions. In fact, I have tons of friends who are homosexual or bisexual, and we get along pretty well. But I am against homosexuality in general - not homosexuality in particular; but in general.


Regina said...

You make a good point. It's a slippery slope. Before we know it, the world might be burning like Sodom and Gomorrah.

I have one thought in mind though... Are three-somes and four-somes and orgies indications of society's moral degeneration? Really curious :P

Regina said...

I mean to what extent does political conservatism go, if deep inside the recesses of our fantasies exist these things, and when it is very possible for these things to be made to happen?

I always wonder which can really put a stop to this, and if it is the fact that people themselves make the society as such, or that the authorities' laxity with such things.