Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drone attack on the US - Senator Graham furious

Now that I have your attention, listen up America. Stop being such a schmuck. It is high time for you to come out in the open and admit that you failed in Iraq and you failed in Afghanistan. You are not the God of Thunder and Thunder does not get rid of terrorists.

Nowadays Obama sits in his Oval Office hogging up the red button that sends drone attacks to distant locations, after he gives in to the whims of his advisors and other know-it-all’s. We all know that a report suggesting a 10% chance of hitting the target could, in fact, succeed, while a 90% chance of hitting a target can sometimes be amiss. Yes, Thunder is a funny thing to play with.

What’s worse is that you don’t even inform the respective governments of planned air-strikes. In fact, you’re so messed up yourself that you end up killing your OWN civilians in Yemen!

See what a mess you made in Logar? I can almost picture it – the Afghan forces reached a house where a renowned terrorist was suspected to be – one soldier jolted the door handle in an attempt to yank it open – when all of a sudden they heard a BANG! Poof! 18 Afghan soldiers died without even the glory of a battle.

Hell, we don’t even know if the suspected target was hit or not. Some dork probably told Obama seconds after he hit the red button, “That was very good sir. I think we got him!”

Don’t get me wrong though – I really like Obama. I’m sure he straightened his tie and got up to make a speech about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Who needs people down there anyway when you can use Thunder, eh?

And while we’re on that, what’s the point of withdrawing troops so elegantly that it will take you two years? Maybe you should learn from the French. They lost four people yesterday and they’re already pulling out next month – smart pussies that they are (sorry, please excuse my French). 

Could it be that an American’s life is less valuable than that of a Frenchman? Nah, their government just cares more.

Now I’m not a military strategist or leader of the world’s (dying) superpower, but I know that chopping down these terrorist groups is like cutting off Hydra’s heads – when struck off, each one is replaced by two new ones. Already there is an increase in Al Qaeda operatives in Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria and Indonesia. Extremism is on the rise and you are doing nothing to calm it down – only making it angrier.

And making it worse for those of us snickering at Eric Cartmen’s follies while living in Muslim countries.

Side-note: Dow University of Health Sciences in Karachi is apparently one of the best medical schools in the country, my wife tells me (although hers is better, of course). They are beginning US Medical Licensing Examinations’ tuition courses soon as advertised in the paper today. What beats me is that you Americans throw drones down on us and we are so foolish that we let you take away our nation’s brains in return. And they work to improve your health?! Fuck this, we aren’t ‘a dysfunctional society’, we’re just plain retarded!

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