Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Covert Actions by the US?

U.S. Weighs Taliban Strike Into Pakistan (By DAVID E. SANGER and ERIC SCHMITT, Published: March 17, 2009)

It is possible that the decisions about covert actions will never be publicly announced!?

What is this like, cutting the sugar intake of grandpa without him knowing? "Oh, it's for his own good, you see." What excuse is protecting your own sovereignty when it's at the expense of another's? You want to protect your country, go watch your seas, your skies and your borders. You have no fucking right to come to my country just to protect your own.

You think you know better while sitting thousands of miles away? You think your Principals Committee knows about ground realities? I don't think so. What is this about, huh, the new world order? You're well aware that our country does not support these terrorists. You know we are taking steps to resolve the situation by conducting our own covert operations. It affects us more than it affects you, you see.

And either ways, it is our nationals who become "civilian casualties" - such an infuriating word - "casualty". What is the etymology of the word? Innocent people who are killed casually?

Look, the bottom-line is, our civilians' lives are not less valuable than your civilians' lives. I do not endorse any terrorist attacks that result in such casualties. Islam very well doesn't. And Pakistan doesn't.

As for the political turmoil in Pakistan - it's been in turmoil ever since its inception. And it has always come through. Your skewed world-view won't let you see the real Pakistan. Stop making excuses. Read up on it some more, and try to reduce your ignorance.

And not that anyone doesn't know this, religious terrorism does not only stem from Islam. In India, there is a terrorist organization for almost every religion. The Sikhs have the Bhindranwale group (BTFK and others), and if you remember, Indra Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh guard. The Christians have several terrorist organizations in Tripura that have conducted various attacks on Hindus. Then you have the ULFA that does not represent any specific religious group as they target Muslims and Hindus alike. The Maoists have conducted more terrorist attacks than any other terrorist organization in India. So go do your homework and learn about other terrorist groups as well.

In Sri Lanka, there are Hindu Terrorists (so what if the media doesn't use that term - they use it for Muslims so we can use the same logic, can't we? Yes, I'm talking about LTTE - the Tamil Tigers), who have killed 604 soldiers and 177 civilians during past 72 hours in Mullaitivu. In the UK, Irish Catholic Terrorists known as the Real IRA bombed BBC headquarters in 2001. IRA has conducted more terrorist attacks in the UK than the recent surge of 'Muslim' Terrorism combined. In Spain and France, the terrorist organization is ETA. In Africa, the list of terrorist organizations is exhaustive, but we all know about the The Lord's Salvation Army that trains and exploits children for their terrorist activities.

My point is: just leave Pakistan alone. We're not like Afghanistan or Iraq. We have nuclear warheads, and no Pakistani wants them to be used.


PS. Our President may be a jackass but our nation is not.


Yash said...

all rest aside, u have to understand why some terrorists are labeled as Muslim terrorists. It is because they are fighting a religious war. As they declare it themselves. They are united across boundaries because of their religion.

LTTE is a separatist group. A completely different agenda. Has nothing to do with their religion. There could be Muslim Tamils all over the LTTE for all you know.

Nubeals said...

My friend it looks like you have forgotten 1990 when the LTTE tried to ethnically cleanse Muslims by killing more than 170 of them. If Muslims are united across boundaries because of their religion, they wouldn't join LTTE or support it if their 'brothers' were massacred by it.

I know Muslim Tamils myself but they're not in the LTTE for sure.

Becky C. said...

I couldn't agree more--the United States has no business interfering in your country. I don't know if we will ever learn this always makes things worse in the end.

That is not to say there is some pretty screwed up and despicable things going on there--and it would be nice if some better efforts could be made to deal with them.

What we do have is the right to comment and critique (as you do us). The problem with any criticism of Islam is that the vast majority of Muslims, whom I truly believe are reasonable, instead of speaking out and criticizing the religion, close rank and attack the criticizer.

Like the time the Pope suggested that Islam was not always so peaceful, and mobs went out, killed a few people, made some bomb threats--proving the point.

As a group, you really do need to step up to the plate on stuff like this--and condemn the hatred that exists within the religion and culture.

Arshia. said...

I agree with you that america has no right to interfere with how our state runs and how to protect our land.

However, ( in response to the previous 2 comments on your blog) i think the issue of religion and terrorism is much more complex than that.

Terrorists claim they are fighting a religious fight, and all other muslims claim that terrorists are misconstruing the religion. However, we must not forget that Pakistan was formed as a religious ideological state, but over the last few years ( especially since 9/11) the very basis of formation of Pakistan has been questioned.... more so, by the young moderate muslim pakistanis themselves. We claim to want a secular state but we forget that Islam is a secular religion! We have become confused in ourselves, and i think since we can't hold on to our own identity, we provide an opportunity for countries like america to object, and intervene.

I must stress again, i am in complete agreement with you that america should mind its own business. and i also agree that we as a nation will come out of this turmoil too, as we have in the past. But at the same time, we must start the process of self evaluation, and re-assessment of our own identity, because without a clear definition we can't see the right direction.