Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PMS - Verb or Noun?

Sure you think it's a sensitive topic to discuss - whether you're a guy or a girl, or anywhere in between. But it's a fact of life, you know, like death, or halawa. These things exist in life and you have to learn to deal with them.

Personally, I think PMS is great if you're the one who's doing it. (In this context, PMS means whining - read on for more details.) For example, my computer has been PMSing since a few weeks now. Low disk space errors, viruses and what not. I finally reinstalled Windows but the errors continued. So I re-reinstalled it. It feels much better now after I have given it enough attention but every now and then it asks me to restart it so that some new updates can be installed. But I have too many PMSers to deal with. So I'm moving on.

That brings me to the question of what is this PMS. How do you pronounce this word? It's pee-em-ess by the way, and that is the noun form, and so is PMSer - a person who is PMSing. Pee-em-ess-ing is the verb.

PMS is the state/act (noun/verb) of acting out on an impulse of your emotions. To PMS effectively, you must make sure you don't rationalize or use any logic. Intuition and bad judgment will get you the attention you deserve.

To tackle PMS, think of it as war. Either you can be the brave warrior that fights on the forefront and doesn't step back. The warrior would continue to battle until he either dies or wins. Or you can be the one that runs away - hoping the war would end soon on its own and life would return to normal.

PMS is exhibited by many but only a few people realize they are dealing with it when they are dealing with it. Your cell phone could be PMSing, or your browser, your guy friends, your girl friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your siblings, the weather, the stove, school assignments, your leather boots, Photoshop, bank balance - just about anything!

So watch out!

Disclaimer: I used the computer's PMS as an example to illustrate that this phenomenon is not observed in just one gender or species. I am definitely not comparing women to computers. PMS is prevalent in every living and non-living thing and the sooner we become aware of it (and learn the tackle it) the better off we will be. Good luck to you.


Regina Escobar said...

haha. another thing- some girls can't control it and they don't even know it until somebody asks them are you gonna have your period soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry brother, you got that wrong. PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome is applicable to girls only, not other things. Btw check this:


Anonymous said...

It's so easy to put PMS in words, if you are someone who never gets it!

hahah. If I was the one writing it, it would have been a really painful version of this.

Nubeals said...

Regina, that is so true. Someone very close is like that - she didn't even know what PMS was and she has been PMSing day in day out since the day she was born!

Mr/Ms Anonymous, excuse me but I know what pre-menstrual syndrome is. See, I was trying to use PMS as a metaphor or draw an analogy if you will. And I saw that graphic and I don't quite agree. It should be Problems Men Stand.

And who says men don't get PMS, quarterpastseven? I mean, if our wives or girlfriends or sisters or mothers get it, we suffer too. Maybe not as much but we are the ones who are dealing with it when we're not even suffering from it.

I would like to read your post if you do a painful rendition of this. I will definitely comment! =D

Anonymous said...

lol. Outburst! Let me explain myself. I didn't mean my comment in a reproachful way at all. It was just a Oh-wow-the-image-of-pms-is-so-different -for-a-man reaction. You, being a man can play around with the idea. But me, I guess I would just be whining about how irritating it is.

I hope we are okay after this =)

Anonymous said...

oh shucks.. heheh. I thought the comment for mr/ms anonymous was for me! And I was like 'huh?!' okay i shouldn't be explaining myself then.. lol