Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loving Pakistan to Bits - Literally

Students all over Pakistan are 'celebrating' Black Day everyday in Pakistan (at least the university LUMS is) - holding processions, hunger strikes (since 12th in LUMS) and what not. The General can not ignore them, but he will still do whatever he wants.

(Click here to download a press release issued by LUMS about the arrest and bail of its faculty members.)

I have always had a tendency to try and think opposite to whatever is popular or the things mainstream says. It is what gives me a broader world-view and I feel it contributes to my understanding of scenarios as I can often imagine and see two sides to a story with storming ease. Often, I see more than two.

In the current scenario, Mushy boy may as well be the Genghis Khan Pakistani blogs, YouTube videos, CNN, Geo and other media channels are saying he is; that this may be a martial law rather than a 'State of Emergency'; that holding processions and peaceful rallies may be the best form of 'action' to bring about positive change; but what if?

What if Musharraf's activities really are justified given the information that is only available at his level? What if such information is really so sensitive that it can not be made public? What if whatever Mushy boy is doing really is in the best interest of Pakistan - even if it doesn't appear so?

Now I am not saying that Mushy boy is a good boy. I do know that Benny Booto is definitely not a good girl either - especially the way she is holding rallies (unsuccessfully) to bring back democracy but at the same time not saying jack about reinstating the judiciary. I don't have much faith in Imran Khan either because power corrupts the soul, and why would this famous cricketer be an exception? I don't want Qazi Hussain Ahmad to take power by using Islam as his weapon and then proceeding brainwash the entire country.

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Me, and countless other Pakistanis don't want an 'extremist' government. We don't want a secular state either where Pakistan can build casinos and more breweries. It's a very hypocritical mix that we want, and I say that because it is neither truly Islamic nor truly democratic (because of Shariah/Islamic Law). We think it should remain an Islamic State - that is what most want, I believe.

The Pakistani public is always being deceived. I remember they said Nawazi was good for the country with all his reforms, underpasses and the motorway. He was taken down by Musharraf and exposed as corrupt. Earlier, Benny Booto's government was also doing okay until she was taken over by Nawazi and exposed as owning castles and what not in the UK. Mushy boy was also very popular - "best thing to happen to this country" they would say - but now I'm sure all such people think otherwise. What is the real truth, no one knows. No one ever does until it is too late.

I sometimes even question the legitimacy of Quaid's (Jinnah) reasons to form Pakistan as a homeland for Muslims - did he want an Islamic state with Islamic law or did he want a so-called nation that consisted of corrupt politicians, breweries and loudspeakers in mosques that can brainwash civilians?

Many would say I am not a patriot for questioning Quaid here, or choosing to study abroad, and planning to work abroad later (I have a work bond with the Singapore government). The truth is that I am passionate about my country and I love it to bits - not the kind of bits it is in right now though.

An AIESECer, Emad Nadim, seems to be in the know and his blog is worth visiting as he updates it regularly with information and perspectives on the current crisis in Pakistan.

Click here to see Emad's blog.

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Hanna said...

it is sometimes acceptable being the odd one out or being optimistic...right now its hard for me to say which one are you trying to be but...whatever you lay down..there are tons of arguments to it...i would specifically raise a question on one comment though.... "loudspeakers in mosques that can brainwash civilians?" when you say brainwash, what are you trying to apply? are you applying that those people who praise Allah and invite others (which is a right in Islam) are lesser than you who has totally opposite ideas? you judge them with their actions...if they pray too much and invite people to Islam you call them extremists and if they look at other women they are bad Muslims??>>either ways they are below people like us...?
my love for Pakistan is immense..and yes i do try to avoid its flaws most of the times...but i don't question it being an Islamic state...neither do i question Quaid's motive or how much a good Muslim was he...i look at myself first and i see that i may not myself be a good Muslim...but in every part of me i support Pakistan as being an Islamic state and not secular one..i would have done the same thing that Quaid did..and i honor him for that..think about it..