Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What the world needs right now...

"Negroponte says U.S. not at higher risk"
"British forces kill leading terrorist"
"Abe moves toward easy Japan PM victory"
"U.S. to relax ban of liquids on planes"
"Iran minister: Nuclear talks 'on track'"

Newspapers are full of it: talk of civil-strife and internal rebellion, of wars fought and more tally-marks made to obituaries. Our dinner parties are full of it too: we sit in our living rooms, sipping our teas and shaking our heads, talking with feeling of these lives that are lost, of the futile blood that is spilt. We talk. We all talk.

And that is all we do. The need of the hour is to understand the root cause behind what we see happening around us and to find a feasible solution to put an end to it all .Fingers are pointed at 'rogue states', at fundamentalists and extremism, at mistakes of the past breeding the consequences that news reports and journalists pay tribute to today. Little do we realize that this isn't recognition of the problem? This is the problem. The root cause of all the conflicts we see around us is lack of tolerance. None of us has to look beyond our own country's borders to understand what I mean.

In order to overcome these problems the world requires exemplary leadership with skills like the ability to communicate effectively, conflict management skills and the ability to sway the masses for what this discretion dictates to be the best modus operandi.

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