Saturday, April 5, 2014

Don't be Such a Vagina, Pakistan

This Saturday morning I woke up to all kinds of weird reports pertaining to Pakistan. First, it was my wife who shared her frustration with looking up blood supplies of the uterus, cervix and vagina, only to find out she can't research the word 'vagina' from Pakistan.

Because we only search for vaginas when we're looking for porn, PTA style!

She is set to remove a 43-year old's cancer-ridden uterus at work today and was simply revisiting her knowledge.

Then I read this epic news story about a 9 month baby being accused of murder in a Pakistani court. I was like, what? Seriously? Am I on some satirical website? I checked. But alas! It is true. Never mind common sense in this country, eh?

The most shocking news, however, is about a husband and wife who have been sentenced to DEATH for 'insult to the Holy Prophet' - through SMS! Would somebody mind explaining to me how the fuck do private conversations between a husband and wife find their way into court? Fuck the right to freedom of speech, what about protection of private space? Next thing we'll know is that a wife who screamed "oh God" during sex is being accused of blasphemy. What nonsense.

My heart goes out to the Christian community that calls Pakistan 'home'. You guys must have nerves of steel to deal with the hypocritical Muslim majority.

This country is full of people who are ready to kill for their Prophet (pbuh) but refuse to live like him.

This is the reason why Pakistan is one of the six countries that is banned to travel to Kuwait, which is also another Muslim country. We suffer from systematic poor governance, an illiterate population base, and top-down corruption. This is why Walt Disney won't do business with us any more, and this is why I don't want to start any projects here in this country either.

PS. I'm sorry for the sexist blog title, ladies. I wouldn't use the word 'vagina' to belittle anyone in any other situation. Promise.

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